Painting with watercolor on wax

This is a series of images taken of my process of creating a painting using watercolor on wax. I developed this technique in order to take advantage of the spontaneous brushwork and transparency of watercolor. By painting on wax, I can also use a subtractive technique of  wiping away pigment to create lighter colors. I begin by loosely sketching my image in order to start to get pigment on the surface. Because of the slick surface, I can wipe away and add paint over and over so I don't need to get attached to anything.

As I work, I slowly build up the pigment and add more detail. Like working with watercolor, I use the ground to create white. The paint pools and splashes and moves on the surface. Between layers of paint, I allow it to dry, then add more.

I added more detail to the background and also altered the shape of the large stone in the foreground. I have also started to deepen the colors of the ground in the foreground.

Here is a detail so you can see what the paint looks like on the wax.

Here is the final version of this painting. "Shelter", 20" x 40"