Painting into the Image

A wonderful painter I know commented that my work allowed her to really be in the image. She made this comment during one of my workshops, after observing me working on an ongoing painting. I guess I was doing what I always do, dabbing, wiping, adjusting, letting it dry, getting it wet. Basically many minuscule changes. Seeing me work this way helped her to understand why the places and images drew her in so much. It is true that my images take a long time to emerge. Most times I reach despair that they will ever turn into something. But I have learned that if I keep going, it will appear.  It can take a long time and might be tedious for some people. I assume that most painters do something similar so I don't think I'm  special. I am trying to accept her comment as something worth considering. After all, my real goal with this work is to bring the viewer along with me as I connect to each location. It seems like I have succeeded, at least for the moment.

This photo shows the photo, watercolor sketch, and the in process painting that hasn't yet emerged.