Painting with Mum again

Here is a picture of Mum and me painting together in Maine. She is smiling since she loved to paint outdoors.  I can't believe they let me have those horrible glasses.  We are both wearing red, our favorite color.

mum and me painting.jpg

I have used a variety of art forms throughout my 40 year art career.  Before 2009, when I discovered encaustic, I had been a writer for 15 years and before that I made books and did performance art.  In between I made wood sculptures. It goes on. But I was a writer with a book in the works. I wrote about important subjects. I had no plans to return to visual art.  I was also not in charge. 

Soon after my mother died, I found myself longing to mess around with paint and paper and ink and brushes again.  It was partly that my sister and I had spent several afternoons sifting through stacks of Mum's pastels and prints and I got to see what Mum had on her mind.  I was also now living with four of her pictures in our condo, one of which was in the bedroom, staring at me when I woke up. I struggled with the decision for awhile but once I decided, I stepped into my new identity as if I had never left.  It was time to return to my beginning, time to feel a pencil or brush in my hand sweeping across the page.  Time to remember my mother.