Expressing my Vision

I have been fortunate to recently receive some feedback about my work that has caused me to look deeper into how to express my ideas through my paintings. Of course my goal is to continually develop my work so it gets closer and closer to what I hold in my mind. But it is also easy to get sidetracked with techniques, colors, or ideas that other people have.

The goal with my major series, Mounds and Stones, is to show the interrelation between place and heritage. I am using the ancient sites not only because of my father's connection, but because they have lasted so long and still retain their power. How shall I do this? Can I make it new with each painting and not just repeat past successes? This is where it gets exciting and also scary. 

I am traveling to England in a week or so to visit some of the megalithic sites my father studied and also some new ones. I will be painting and photographing them, but also will be observing my responses to to the sites and considering how to reflect that in the resulting work.