In my studio I have thirteen paintings all wrapped up and ready to deliver to Kempton Hall at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in two days. I have worked hard for over a month preparing and it is all ready. Whenever this happens, I experience a pause in my process. I have boards ready for new images and sketches begun, but I still wait. Maybe I want to see the work safely out the door and installed before I launch into my next painting frenzy. Or maybe I want to share the work. Somehow sharing work allows it to be complete. Over half the work in the show is new, and in that vulnerable state. I am proud of them, but they haven't had their debut yet.

So I wait, and while I wait, I clean the studio, casually look over possible images to use, consider sizes, but do not pick up a brush or lay down the base layer of wax, or my new bottom layer, distemper. Next week, I can imagine moving ahead, but not yet.