Leaping into the Future and the Past

I am in a transition phase. This month I am moving out of my beloved studio into a space that is closer to home and potentially more permanent and cheaper. Potentially is the important word here. Currently it is no more than a large garage over the fence from our cohousing community in Portland. This is scary for me. Will it be as wonderful and magical as my last one? Will I regret moving? It's enough to drive one crazy. I'm practicing having hope and trusting my vision. It is still hard.

So for at least two months, while my garage is transformed into a studio, I will be without a space of my own to work in. Fortunately, I am beginning a new project that does not require a space to spread out and be messy. It is a large installation project called "I Am My White Ancestors: Self Portraits through Time." I will create photographic self portraits of myself as at least 10 ancestors. The project is complex and involves research, costume design and production, hair styling, background paintings, and audio diaries about each ancestor.

I am in the middle of creating a prototype. I chose Eugenia Mary Felder Buchanan, my great-great-grandmother, who was born in South Carolina in 1823. As a daughter and wife of plantation owners, she perpetuated the system of slavery and lived through the Civil War, or The War Between the States. She and her husband (who was a confederate spy with a price on his head) and six children ended up penniless in Chappell Hill, Texas, after trying and failing to start a sugar cane plantation in Mexico.

I will be posting images of the project as it moves ahead. I intend to hold a showing of the prototype and scale model sometime this summer.