Coming Home

I am about to discover what happens when an artist shows her work in the town where she grew up. A major exhibition of my paintings is currently on view at Highfield Hall, Falmouth, MA. Two days ago, I arrived here for a week visit. The last time I lived here continuously was when I was 15, before boarding school, college, and other adventures. But I have returned each year to visit no matter where I lived. Woods Hole and Falmouth are lode stars for me. I love the specific green of the leaves, the sandy paths, the grey houses, and the prickle of sea air in my nose. It is heaven to me.

This time I return with a purpose other than family. Like a prodigal daughter, I hope to be welcomed back and enfolded into the flock. Half of the paintings in the show are of places on Cape Cod, despite the fact that I have lived on the west coast since 1976. This place still lives in me.