Being Between Studios

Moving a studio is hard. I have now been without a studio for one month. Half of that time I was traveling, but it still feels like three months. An eternity. Where an artist works (country, city, environment, building) deeply affects the work process and the actual work that is produced. I suppose there are artists who always do the same thing wherever they work, but those artists are rare. So I expect my work to change on some level. I am curious what will happen this time.


To reach my future studio, I walk towards the back of our shared property, past the bioswale and the huge collection of community sticks until I reach a thick laurel hedge. Here is where we tore a hole in the fence. I walk through, go around the back of the garage building, and past the grey metal storage container filled with my studio equipment and supplies. The inside of the garage is plain and uninspiring, but will shortly turn into a beautiful studio building for three artists. It will be wonderful. I will do great work there and it will be all worth it.

I will be posting images of the remodel progress over the summer.