Looking Ahead

Last night I attended a meeting of fellow artists in the 2014 Portland Open Studios Tour happening the second and third weekends in October. I know this is several months away, but I need to think about it now to make sure it is successful. How can I promote it so people will come see my new studio? What kind of card or brochure do I want to give out? How can I help people feel welcome in my space and have a good experience? Shall I serve hot apply cider or lemonade? What can I do so other opportunities emerge from this event?

All artists I know are constantly planning for the next exhibit, the next juried show to enter (and possibly get rejected from), the next submission or proposal to send out, and what art events to attend to meet people. It never ends. It is like having to apply for a new job every time you want to show your work. Like anything, showing and selling art is a business that takes eternal tending. Even artists with professional representation have to hustle, though perhaps differently. I imagine there is more support and direction.

This is not a complaint, just an update of what is on my mind these days while I am waiting for my new studio to be remodeled. I am writing proposals to venues to show my installation, "I Am My White Ancestors." Along with that I am making a detailed fundraising plan with a multi-year timeline since it is such a huge project. I am also thinking about venues where I might want to show my paintings, curators and artists I want to connect with, and shows I want to see for inspiration.