Cross Pollination

Last week I received a donation to my project I Am My White Ancestors: Self-portraits through Time from a man I don't know.  So in my thank you note I asked him how he found me and my campaign.  It was through a woman who lives here in Portland, Oregon but who I also don't (yet) know.  Michael Novick edits two publications that report social justice news, including anti racist work. Change Links and Turn the Tide

An art project might seem at first not to fit into these serious, hard hitting journals. But of course it does belong. I love it when this happens. It is exactly what I hoped for over a year ago when I first came up with the idea for my project.  My hope was and is to use art to counteract the hopelessness and ignorance around racism that white people carry. I have observed this in myself and assume other white people also experience it. So let the margins between us dissolve.