What Does It Mean to be White in America

This is the name of a new anthology published by 2Leaf Press. My essay describing my process of creating my installation I Am My White Ancestors is included. The anthology is edited by Gabrielle David and Sean Frederick Forbes. It will be released on April 15, 2016. Look for a public reading in Portland by Pacific NW writers included in the book.

Information from the official announcement.

What Does It Mean To Be White In America? reflects a vibrant range of 84 personal narratives from white Americans who speak frankly and openly about race, not only as it applies to people of color, but as it applies to themselves. The narratives cover a wide gamut of American history from contributors around the United States; from reminiscing about segregation and Jim Crow, to today’s headlines of police brutality, politics and #BlackLivesMatters. The variety in style and subject is vast from people of different social class and employment backgrounds, but all of these stories have one point in common—they create an absorbing and thought-provoking collection that explores race from a very personal perspective. In the telling, not only do they discuss their discomfort in talking about race, they also share big and small moments in their lives that have shaped what it means to be white in America, and how it affects the way they see themselves and others. In answering the question, some may offer viewpoints one may not necessarily agree with, but nevertheless, it is clear that each contributor is committed to answering it as honestly as possible. In this groundbreaking anthology, these enduring narratives manage to grab hold of readers, and surprise them with transformative stories they can relate to, regardless of skin color. A preview of the book containing excerpts will be available on February 15, 2016 in PDF and ePub format.