Color Play


One of my favorite parts of creating a painting is playing with colors in sketch form. Even though I can wipe away the paint at any time from the wax surface, and often change my mind as I work, I like to try out different combinations beforehand. Plus, there is something so cute about thumbnails.


Working from a black and white laser print of one my father's slides, I first sketch out how I want the image to fit into the format. Then I get out my water soluble crayons. These help me to limit my palette and keep the image loose. What happens if I make the stones blue? Will they be bold enough and not recede? How will yellow grass look beside the blue stones? Maybe the stones can have a violet cast. How green should the far hills be? Maybe brown would be better? Do I want a serene landscape or one that is dynamic, with elements moving forward and back. I just love making stones red or pink but is that the best color for this scene?

What do you think?