Who we are

Team Members

Anne Mavor, artist and overall concept
Jane Keating, lead photographer
Jim Skates, photographer
KC Cowan, audio consultant and editor
Marvella McPartland, audio actor
Walker Faison, audio actor
Judy Laddon, costume sewing
Diane Trapp, make up and hair
Tim Leitch, audio mixing and sound effects
Antonio Bevaqua, videography
Suvan Geer, essayist
RuthAnn Anderson, costume sewing

Advisory Board

Tereza Bottman, core member from SURJ, Show Up for Racial Justice
KC Cowan, journalist and VO actor
Meg Roland, Medieval literature, Marylhurst University
Patricia Schechter, US History, Portland State University
Patricia Sanders, art historian, San Jose State, retired
Donna Maxey, director of Race Talks: a conversation series
Gabrielle David, editor and publisher at 2Leaf Press
Debby Irving, Racial justice educator and writer


The Puffin Foundation
Individual Donors
Regional Arts and Culture Council